We caught up with Scott Foster, manager at The Chequers in Marlow. The pubs is one of eight in Henley operator Brakspear's growing managed estate. Among the delights at the 16th Century high street pub are the Butcher's Block where customers can choose their cut of steak, and craft beer bar The Churchill Tap.  

Plate or slate?
Plate. I used to work with slates and it gave this great presentation, you can do a lot with it but I think it has had its day. It was quirky at the time but everyone started doing it. You can use different styles of plates to present different dishes.

Cocktails or cask ale?

I think it has to be cocktails. You can do more with cocktails and you can bring food in as well, for example gin and grapefruit and rosemary, or you can do whisky and orange. There is more of a theatre to it.
I love cask but you don't get as much recognition. With cocktails there is a "wow" and people take photos that go all over social media.

Pork scratchings or Michelin stars?
Michelin stars. You want to give people that quality and people want to go to these great places. I like that and I want to give guests that kind of experience.

Live sport or big-screen ban?

Personally I don't want to go to places with big screens, you can do that at home. The pub is for getting out and having a chat with your friends about everyday life. The screen can take away from that.

Family-friendly or keep the kids home?
You can do so much hospitality with the children. If you look after the children the parents will enjoy it so much better. We have a children's menu, we do colouring, balloons, we let the kids enter the order in the tills.

Dogs in or dogs out?

Dogs in. They create a conversation and it gets a lot of people in because many pubs do ban them. We don't let them in the restaurant but we love having them in.

Welly boots or high heels?
High heels. You are coming out to have fun so you want to look good in a good-looking pub.

Background music or silence is golden?
I love music and it brings atmosphere that you can change throughout the day. You see people sing and dance, which brings atmosphere and conversation.

Staff uniforms or wear what you like?
Uniforms but casual, so you are comfortable but you look good and are with the times. Wearing waistcoats, braces, aprons brings a professional feel.