As a nation, our drinking habits are changing.1 We’re choosing to drink less alcohol, and expect the alternative to be top-notch. Some 94% of consumers pick coffee as their non-alcoholic drink of choice2, but only 10% expect high-quality coffee in a pub3. With the non-specialist coffee market turning over £2.6 billion last year4, how can pubs and bars enhance their offer to capture the coffee opportunity?


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Consumers are becoming more informed and discerning about what they eat and drink, and are looking for alternatives to alcohol-led venues when socialising.5 So there’s a real opportunity for bars and pubs to diversify their hot beverage offering, and become coffee destinations in their own right. Breakfast and lunch are still the most popular times for coffee6, but increasingly consumers expect great coffee anywhere, anytime.


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But if you’ve ever worked behind the bar on a busy Friday evening shift, you may well have mixed feelings about coffee drinkers. Chances are, you’ll look at the queue and feel your heart sink as you take an order for a cappuccino. And have you ever wished the coffee machine away when you’re wrestling with counter space, or when you have to clean it at the end of the night?


How can you make your business a coffee destination throughout the day, serving perfect coffee from breakfast right through to last orders?


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The new Black&White4c makes barista-quality coffee accessible and practical for the pub and bar market. The fully automatic coffee machine is the most compact yet, taking up less counter space than three conical pint glasses. At a super-slim 398mm wide, it offers a host of features, delivering high-street quality coffee in every cup. Swiss-Made, it grinds fresh beans for every cup, and is pre-programmed with 30 pre-sets, so you can offer your customers a range of the most popular coffees. The patented milk system ensures consistent temperature and perfectly textured, barista-quality micro-foam – ideal for serving up the nation’s favourite, milk-based coffees – cappuccino, latte and flat white.7


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Cleaning is automatic, guaranteeing the same high quality throughout the week without having to buff a steam arm or getting out a wire brush. The unique modular design and front-access, mean that maintenance is quick and can be done in-situ, reducing downtime, disruption to your team and revenue loss.



 Imagine being able to deliver coffee as good as any artisan café, and only needing to use one finger. The Black&White4c’s intuitive touch screen makes serving up coffee as easy as ringing up a sale.


So, if you think upgrading your coffee offer, increasing revenue and using all day parts is going to be complicated, or take up time and space, then think again. It’s simple when it’s Black&White.


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