We find out how HEINEKEN’s SmartDispense system has helped The ETM Group grow the business.

With more than 56 beer taps and drinks making up as much as 80 per cent of sales some weeks, the team at the Greenwood in London’s Victoria area knew they had to get the beer quality spot on, which is why they choose HEINEKEN’s SmartDispense system.

We went to talk to Kane Brooks, beverage operations manager for Greenwood’s owner, The ETM Group, to find out how SmartDispense was working out - check out what he had to say in the video below.



Don't know what SmartDispense is? Check out our quick guide below:


What is SmartDispense?

SmartDispense is an innovative cold draught system and 4-weekly service, which uses coolers and pythons that are more energy efficient than traditional dispense systems. It works by cooling the beer as it leaves the keg, reducing line clean frequency whilst delivering consistently great quality, reducing your wastage and time. You will never need to clean your keg lines again!


Will SmartDispense work in my pub?

There are five different SmartDispense solutions to suit different types of bars, from a single tap to dozens of taps. Smaller systems have the patented disposable beer tube, which means there is no line cleaning and the self-contained cooling system can extend keg life by up to 30 days. In larger cellar systems the required period between line cleaning extends to four weeks. There’s even a “plug and play” system for temporary bars.


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