Fancy reducing some of your business costs, cutting wastage and improving the quality of your beer all at the same time? Annmarie Barwick, general manager at London's Leadbelly's bar did, so she turned to QDS BY CARLSBERG

Leadbelly's opened at the end of last year and when setting up the bar and cellar Annemarie was persuaded to try out Carlsberg QDS BY CARLSBERG.


Line cleaning challenge
"One of the main attractions of QDS BY CARLSBERG was that I'd only need to clean the lines once every 28 days but I was dubious about that to start," she admits.

To her surprise, however, there's been no need to clean the lines more often than 28 days and the quality of the beer remains great.

"I genuinely can't praise it enough. I really trust it," she says.
"With all the time I save not cleaning the lines I can turn my attention to all those jobs that get pushed down the 'to do' list that really improve the business."


Fob off
"We've got 10 beer lines here and have a 60/40 wet/dry split. Of our wet sales about 80 per cent is beer," Annemarie explains.

With that volume of beer, keeping wastage down makes a big difference to the business, as Annemarie says: "Because QDS BY CARLSBERG keeps the temperature consistent from the keg to the glass there is no fobbing, which means cost savings."


Beer success
As the pub is surrounded by housing and office blocks the business relies on being able to get repeat customers.

"That means our beer has to be good enough to come back for," Annemarie points out.

"And, since we opened, we've not had a single complaint about the beer and most of our customers are regulars, so we must be doing something right!"


  • What is Carlsberg QDS BY CARLSBERG?

The system operates by chilling the beer down to a consistent temperature as soon as it leaves the keg, and then keeping it cool throughout its journey from the keg to the glass. The beer in the cooled lines won't go warm and spoil and with no spoilt beer sitting in lines, there is less wastage when you pour the first pints of the day. The consistent temperature also reduces fobbing (foaming) on products, producing real savings on wastage costs.

Line cleaning is easy, you'll only have to clean every four weeks – which means you can use the time saved to do all the other tasks that need your attention


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