If you think about it, the only reason for even ordering a second beer is the quality of the first. So while pouring a pint isn't hard, with just a tiny bit more effort you'll be able to pour the perfect one - resulting in happier customers, less wastage and more money in the till. We went with HEINEKEN to The Rectory in Birmingham to find out how it's done.



How to pour the perfect pint


  • Use a clean branded glass
  • Hold the glass at the base and at a 45 degree angle.
  • Open the tap and allow the beer to pour down the inside of the glass
  • Straighten the glass slowly as it fills and close the tap as you approach the top.If you have a Pourtal Tap, gently push the tap forward to fill the glass to the brim with foam
  • If pouring a Heineken, start skimming the minute the beer overflows – use a wet skimmer held at a 45 degree angle
  • Serve with the logo facing forward towards your customer
  • The perfect pint should consist of 95 per cent liquid and five per cent foam




Better pints, happier customers

Given that 90% of consumers view beer quality as very important when selecting a venue*, you can see why The Rectory's Senior Bar Manager, Paul Barr, has placed a huge emphasis on delivering perfect pints every time.

The pub has also adopted the HEINEKEN Perfect Pour method for all the brewer's beers, including Amstel (check out the video above). For the perfect pint of Heineken, including the skim, see below.

Paul explains: "Serving high quality beer enhances our customers' enjoyment and therefore our sales."







Smart support

As well as adopting the Perfect Pour method, The Rectory also invested in HEINEKEN's quality draught beer dispense system, SmartDispense.

The revolutionary cellar dispense technology from HEINEKEN improves the quality by producing cold in-glass temperatures without need for cellar cooling. The four-weekly Quality Service Visits from HEINEKEN Quality Technicians help to ensure the system is delivering a high quality of beer and cider, so a perfect pint is served to consumers every time, in turn helping to grow their business.

"We've developed a really great relationship with HEINEKEN and have had lots of support whenever we've needed it," Paul says.

"This area of Birmingham is changing and it's getting more and more competitive. HEINEKEN helps us stay ahead of the competition ensuring we deliver a great quality pint every time." says Paul.



To find out more about the support HEINEKEN has to offer, visit www.online.heineken.co.uk or call 0344 556 0109.


For more details about SmartDispense visit smartdispense.heineken.co.uk


 *Source: Cask Marque Beer Quality Survey Report 2016


If you want to take a closer look at HEINEKEN'S Smart Dispense system and find out how it improves the quality of beer, take a look at how it has helped the ETM Group boost business.