If you don't already stock a fruit cider on tap, now's the time to do it, says cidermaker Westons.

Twelve years ago, fruit cider barely registered with drinkers – in fact, the 500,000 litres of fruit cider sold in 2005 represented just 0.08 per cent of the cider market. Now the total fruit cider market is around 27 per cent of the cider market – and with packaged cider in decline, it's on the bar that licensees are really seeing fruit cider flow.

It's pouring out in fact – draught fruit cider is up 33 per cent in volume and 37 per cent in value, according to CGA stats, whilst the recent Cider Report from Westons predicted fruit cider will make up almost half of draught cider sales by 2023.

How has it hit the sweet spot, you may well ask.




"Fruit cider on draught has done much to revitalise cider by bringing in consumers who would otherwise not have entered the cider category," explains

Darryl Hinksman, head of customer marketing and insight at Westons.

That includes drinkers in the North East and Scotland, for example, areas where cider isn't usually so popular but where fruit cider is making real inroads.

In the on-trade, "fruit cider is bringing in more females to the cider category – they now make up 60 per cent of fruit cider drinkers, compared with 47 per cent of all cider drinkers," adds Hinksman. "In fact, research from CGA shows that fruit cider is also introducing a younger consumer to the cider category with 50 per cent of fruit cider drinkers aged 18 to 34 compared with 36 per cent of all cider drinkers."




Westons has been quick to tap into the premium and trading up opportunity that this trend presents, launching Mortimer's Orchard English Berry on draught in the spring of last year and adding Stowford Press Mixed Berries in March of this year, with the latter posting the most successful four-week post launch period that the company has ever seen of any new launch in its prestigious history.

Backed by a new national TV and cinema campaign celebrating how both Stowford Press apple and Mixed Berries ciders are made from apples collected within no more than a 50-mile radius of Westons' Herefordshire mill, it is also hard to build a case against Westons making further gains.



"The rise of draught fruit cider has ensured that when it comes to stocking decisions it is no longer just a choice over which apple ciders will deliver the best return. Fruit ciders should also be considered," explains Hinksman.

To help licensees make the most of the premium cider opportunity, Westons has the following advice, depending on how many draught cider taps are available:


  • If only one tap is available then this should be dedicated to an apple cider that reflects and reinforces the positioning of the outlet. Fruit cider should remain in the fridge.
  • Two taps – With sales of fruit cider growing so quickly, there is now a clear opportunity to offer an incremental trade up opportunity, dedicating the second tap to a premium fruit cider.
  • Three taps - If three taps or more are available then the bar operator can provide variety and choice on the bar, including something a little more interesting for a break from the norm


With £1.86bn is spent on cider in pubs and bars each year, if you don't want to miss out on one of the fastest growing categories then maybe it's time to get in touch with Westons?