With 50 per cent of consumers now moderating their alcoholic intake (IPSOS) and 15 per cent stating they would visit pubs more often if there were better non-alcoholic drinks available (Poplus Pub Survey), it is clear to see a significant shift has taken place in consumers making their drink choices. Consumers now want non-alcoholic options without compromising on taste.


Recognising this shift, HEINEKEN launched Heineken 0.0 in March 2017, which quickly became the fastest growing brand in the alcohol-free segment (Nielsen and CGA). Since then Heineken 0.0 has been leading the charge thanks to its great taste, natural ingredients and the fact that it only has 69 calories.


This year Heineken 0.0 has continued growing mass awareness & driving trial through the biggest ever campaign for an alcohol-free beer in the UK. The integrated 'Now You Can' campaign included a £6 million media investment with strong TV presence.


It's clear the market is in demand, with the category seeing growth in terms of volume and value (CGA), and Heineken 0.0 is responsible for 70 per cent of the volume sales growth. It's important licensees review their ranges, and make sure they are stocking options to suit all drinkers, including those looking to moderate their alcohol consumption, or abstain completely.


With the end of year festivities right around the corner and December representing the highest month of sales for the low & no alcohol category, it's important to appeal to those consumers looking to reduce their alcohol intake, or not drink at all such as designated drivers during the busy party and events season.


Given the current trend of healthy living, low & no alcohol drinks open up more social occasions for customers to visit the on-trade, in particular in the traditionally quieter month of January when many consumers look to abstain following Christmas and New Year's Eve celebrations. So there's no better time than now to stock Heineken 0.0 in your outlet.