From Batman & Robin to gin & tonic, it's fair to say that time has given us some great pairings. Well here's another: nuts & beer.


Serving nuts in pubs and bars is nothing new of course, we have since time immemorial thought nothing of twinning a pint of best with a pack of salted or dry roasted peanuts. We made do and thought nothing of it. And while these are noble flavours, we at Sun Valley think it's high time operators dreamt bigger, looked at the profit-making potential of premium nuts and how different flavour profiles and variants can really work with often complex styles of beer.


Sun valley nuts and beer


Nowadays when it comes to beer, we're truly spoilt. The explosion in craft styles, which have experienced a 90 per cent rise in sales in the past year*, sitting alongside more traditional but no less loved variants, means there are now more beer brands in pubs and bars than ever before.

The snacks market has been slightly slow to react, with little or no innovation forthcoming despite a burgeoning beer market. Well, the rot stops now. We're here to help inspire the on-trade into action on snacking, safe in the knowledge that a little forethought around flavour pairings can go a long way.

Who better to enlist in this snacking revolution than unashamed nut enthusiast the Beerbelle, alias one of the UK's most respected beer sommeliers and writers and all-round good egg, Annabel Smith?


Sun Valley nuts Annabel Smith


Together we've created a five-strong video mini-series (circa 2 minutes max per video – less time than it takes to change the barrel!) of pairing masterclasses, entitled For Every Beer, a Nut.

For the series, Annabel takes five of the most popular beer varieties available in bars today; lager, wheat beer, bitter, craft lager and IPA, and offers up a host of innovative nut pairings – sourced from across our range of premium nut mixes and exciting new flavours – that savvy operators can use to drive up profits.

To access the mini-series simply visit our YouTube channel today.



Sunvalley beer and tobasco nuts


Inspired? Why not grab your free sample of our nuts today by visiting: these great mixes are available in a range of formats to suit different establishments including single serve bags, bulk catering bags and handy barpots. Sun Valley also has a range of cool POS including Kilner Jars and innovative rustic stands, to help further tempt punters into purchase.

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*Brewers Association 2019