Facebook has now rolled out its new-look pages on desktop, with some different options. Here's what you need to know.

In Autumn last year, Facebook started trialing a new-look Facebook page on desktop, with some new options for different types of posts.

This is now being rolled out, so next time you log into Facebook on a laptop it could look like this:



The New Options


Share a Photo or Video

No change here, you can:

  • Post a single image or video
  • Create a gallery of images
  • Create a carousel
  • Create a slideshow out of images
  • Create a canvas

A carousel is a link to your website that pulls through images, showing them as cards side by side within the post.

A canvas is more complicated - an interactive storyboard within a post. 


Promote Your Business

This offers a variety of ways to promote your business depending on what you're trying to achieve. These are paid posts that allow you to advertise on Facebook quickly and simply.

You can find out more about advertising on Facebook in our Digital Marketing Guide.


Get Phone Calls

Allows you to post with a button that will start dialling the number of your pub when people click it, so they can easily contact you. 


Get Messages

Allows you to post with a button that opens up a message to your Facebook page when people click on it. This also makes it easier for them to contact you. 


Help People Find Your Business

Allows you to post with a button that will open up maps on a customer's phone with directions to your pub when they click on it. 


Create An Event

As before, this allows you to create an event for your pub and invite people to it. 


Create An Offer

This allows you to create an offer that customers can 'save' to their Facebook account to redeem later. It offers options for redemption codes both online and on your till. This depends on which EPos you use.


New Opportunities for Pubs


Undoubtedly, these offer some fantastic ways for pubs to post creatively, with a clear call-to-action or a more engaging post. Though, the benefits of these will really come to the fore when boosted.

Existing fans are likely to know where you are, but a 'Get Directions' post boosted to people within a radius of your pub could prove useful.

At present these are only available on the desktop version of Facebook and not within the Facebook App or the Pages Manager App.

As always I'll be testing these out and seeing what effect they have on reach and engagement compared to traditional posts.

Let me know how you get on with them on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Twitter via @edavieswork