Whilst you may not see the value of posts which disappear after 24 hours, Stories are a great way to show customers things that are going on in the pub that day. They also appear next to your profile picture at the top of a user's feed, which means they are more likely to reach your customers.

• Live music events – At each stage of the event explain the story of the event. A pic or video of each step in sequence. E.g. 1. The band setting up. 2. The band sound checking. 3. The first song
• The menu – If you produce a series of dishes for that or you cook off a new menu, take a picture of each dish and upload it to the story. Or just the creation of one of the dishes on that day.
• Family Fun Days – Show a series of pictures of families enjoying the beer garden. Tip: Make sure people are aware you are taking pics by putting a sign on the bar or in the garden & be careful about pictures or videos of children.
• Building a cocktail - Take a picture of each stage of the cocktail. Use rewind & Boomerang to add a bit of creativity to each stage.
• Football matches – Take a pic at each stage of the game. 1. Pre-match 2. Kick off. 3. After the first goal is scored.
• Other sporting events – Add a video of people as they watch the important parts of the event. Such as the beginning, middle, end, then Trophy/medal presentation
• A day in the pub – While you might not find it interesting a 5 second clip of things you do throughout the day could really show off USP's of the pub. E.g. 1.Setting up 2. Cleaning the beer lines 3. Changing the beer cask.
• Tastings in the pub – If you have regular tastings, why not post about each stage of the tasting. E.g. 1. Pic of Rioja, 2. Pic of Rioja reserve 3. Rioja Gran Reserva
• Selling the courses of a menu. – If you want to show people a greater range of your menu, tell them the story of the meal – 1.Sharers 2. Appetizers 3. Mains...