Google Posts
Google posts are a way of making your Google business listing stand out from your competitors and drive customers to your business. If you have something going on in the pub, you can post it with your listing so people can see something before going onto your website. You can add an event, offer or special information to your post.

1. Open up your Google Business listing through (you must have created your business profile already. If you have not, see our other guide article in the Google section 'Get Started'.
2. On the left side, select the second tab down: Posts
3. Select write your post from the centre middle of the page.
4. The dialogue box which loads is where you can enter the information which will be displayed on your post.
5. Add an Image related to your post. Recommended to make it stand out from your competitors.
6. Add the relevant description of the post is about.
7. If is an event, post the time and title of what you have taking place.
8. Add a button to whichever is most relevant. Here you will place a link to your website. When a customer presses the post, this is where on you website they will be taken. Make sure it's relevant to posts i.e. a offer post takes the customer to the offer page of your website.
9. Once you have completed this and have added all of the information you want to post press Preview in the top right of the dialogue box
10. The preview which will load will show you how the post will appear. Here you can see if the post makes sense and looks good. If not go back and edit it again.
11. Once happy press post and after 10 mins your post will be live.
12. Posts last a week, but you can login and repost them. Event posts last till the event has passed.