Going live is one of the best ways you can advertise what is going right now on Facebook in your pub. 


How to go live:
1. On your Facebook Page open the post box where you would usually write out your post. NB: Whilst you can go live via your computer or laptop, we'd advise only doing this on mobile phone or tablet.
2. From below the box where you would usually write out your post select Go Live.
3. Write out a description of your video. NB. You can also add a location. Best to do this as any new customers who see it can locate you more easily if they see your video. 
4. Press go Live. After a 3 second countdown, you will be live.
5. When finished press end live and the video will end. NB: If the video goes wrong for any reason, you can still delete it to stop others from seeing it after you have finished.