Here are some of the ways that pubs on Twitter are using the platform to reach more customers. Avoid bombarding customers with repetitive phrases like ‘Don’t forget……’ & ‘Come for this…’. Here are some ways to avoid doing that. 


Get customers voting. The Voting/Poll tool on Twitter allows you to ask your customers what they want to go on in your pub. Give them the option of voting for what happens. Have them vote for the next cask ale you get in or the next band. People like to be asked their opinion and you can do just that using the vote tool. If you use the tags of any supplier, that supplier will likely retweet, increasing your reach.

Gifs. These are short videos which you can add to any tweet to make it more interesting. Compare last week's quiz winner to a dancing gif. Or ask them who they think will score next to advertise the football.

Go Live on Twitter. Used get a notification to say you are live. Show them what is happening right now. Select live, type in your description. Press Go live and 3 seconds later you are live. Great for bands, the quiz and any number of pubs events.


Tag your suppliers. You can invite your customers for a pint or for a roast. But if you tag your supplier. They will likely share it meaning that people who like that brand or supplier are likely to visit you. Great for local breweries, butchers and community groups engagement. 

Post video of what is happening. You might not want to go live then, but you can create a video and post it whenever you want. If you have a band coming back, re-post a video you have stored. Or make a video of something interesting like a cask ale being put on, and then share it when your customers are most active on Twitter.