On your page, Facebook has added several activity buttons to post which can help your pub reach more customers yet. These can help your customers find you, get in touch or for you to go live. 



The activity buttons which appear below the post box on your Facebook page can be used to make it easier for customers to connect with your business in different ways.

Share Photo or Video – This allows you to add one or more photos to your posts in different formats which make those post more engaging

-          Upload Photo – Allows you to simply add a photo to your posts.

-          Create Album – Albums of several photos can be created to showcase a particular moment which attaches them to one post.

-          Carousel – Create a scrolling selection of photos which you can add a link to a website to.

-          Slideshow – A slideshow video of up to 10 photos, which plays in customers feed with the post.

-          Canvas – Include a mix of videos & photos on one post.

Advertise your business – Encourages you to make the posts an add by boosting of other Facebook advertising methods (see other articles in the Digital Marketing Guide for more information on this)

Get Phone Calls – Adds a button to the bottom right of the post saying ‘Call Now’. When customers see this post on a mobile phone (75% of customers will see you posts through mobile phones) they can press that button to call you immediately.

Get Messages – Puts a button on the bottom right of the post encouraging people to message the button.

Create offer – This function can be used by pubs allowing you to show you offer online with specific start & end date. Be aware that this is designed for online shops, so can be hard for pubs to use and measure redemptions.

Help people find your business – The post again has a post in the bottom right of the post, which can be pressed to show a map to where you’re pub is. This can help customer find the location of your pub.

Start a live video – Takes you straight to the Facebook Live post setup. On a laptop this is designed for interviews, so we suggest you do this through Tablet or Mobile Phone (See our article on Facebook live in this Digital Marketing guide).

Create an Event – Setups a Facebook event which can be used to showcase and event allowing customers to invite others to a specific occasion in your pub.

Write a Note – This is designed for Blog posts. Pubs can use this should they wish to blog about a topic, however this is designed for Journals & other media sources.