Snap Maps allow you to add Snaps & videos to the story of the area, allowing you to reach a new potential customer. 


  1. Open up Snapchat on your phone.
  2. On the main screen pinch out till you can see a map of where you are. Here you can tap anywhere on a map to see what else is going on around you on the Snap Map Story.
  3. Select the circle at the bottom middle of the screen and take a Snap or short video. Add drawings, text,  geofilters to the text. Make sure you use the paperclip tool to add your website. This will allow customers to go to your website once you have added the post to the area story. 
  4. Once completed, select Send to in the bottom right corner.
  5. Select the 2nd option down ‘Our Story’. This will send it to the area around you allowing customers to see the post if they click on that area. NB: The most recent post nearest that area will appear 1st.
  6. Select post. This Snap or video will last for 24 hours and can be found by anyone who selects the Snap Map in your area.