The best practice for how pubs can promote the live sport they show online.

Many customers will go to your website to see what sport you show. You should have the sports channels you show listed on your site. It is best for you to have a tab which relates to sports or what's on. In that section, pubs should have the games they are showing listed in there. They should also have a listing of what sporting events they will show as a priority. For instance, if the pub is showing the 6 Nations over the Premier League. Or the Premier League over Wimbledon. Make sure you have the times of the games listed, to remind customers when they start.
Social Connect, the Inapub Website & Social Media management tool, allows you to update what sport you are showing on your website, & Social Media all at once. This will keep your sports listings up to date, and save you time. For more information email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Social Media
Customers will expect to see a reflection of any sport you show online. However, the best practice is to avoid bombarding customers with phrases like 'Don't Forget...' or 'Come on down...' Instead try to encourage to interact and engage with your posts. They can find out what games you are showing from your website. As an alternative try to ask questions such as 'Who will Score 1st?' or 'Player X or Player Y to score first comment below? ' Look to get people to comment, like retweet etc. 

On Twitter consider using a vote to do the same thing by running a poll?

On Instagram Post a picture of the sporting team and ask customers to like if they want that team to win or score (pick the player or team most of your customers like). Always aim for 6-12 hashtags with your posts.


If you show sports and you need assets you can get them direct from BT & Sky. Go to the customer Hub for Sky. For BT click the link below and download the asset you want:



The Sports Fixture Asset Plan available from Inapub in conjunction with BT Sport, will provide your pub with a weekly asset which lists the week's most high profile fixtures from European, National and International competitions. Each week the asset will be emailed through direct to you. You can then post direct to your Social media channels. This asset has been designed to allow pubs to post clearly about football and get a high level of reach when added their different platforms on media. This will allow pubs to reach more new & existing customers, driving footfall for those listed games. We design an asset for both England & Scotland to ensure the right games are highlighted for the two different countries. If you wish to sign up for this Free service please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following details:
Email Address:
Email Subject: Football Asset Plan
Full Name:
Pub Name:
If you are in England or Scotland (we design one asset for each country).