On Demand Geo-Filters (not sponsored Geo-filters) are a simple way of giving your customers the opportunity to interact with your pub, great for special occasions. 


Geo-filters are a customisable filter which you can add your immediate geographical area. These can be used by pubs to have customers advertise where they are when they are having a good time, which should direct footfall to your pub.

Setting up an On Demand Geo-filter

The best practice for this is to do it on a laptop as you will have better control of the design features.

1. Go to Snapchat.com and select Geo-filter from the running from the top right.
2. Select the business option. You will be asked to login using your Snapchat Username & password (you need to this before you can create a Geo-filter.
3. The first stage of the process is to design your filter. This can be done using the user-friendly tools available on the website, or you can upload a filter you have already created.

4. Once you have created your artwork select next in the bottom right corner. This will take you to a calendar where you can set the date range when you want the filter available.
5. The next section allows you to state where geographically around your pub you want it available on a map. Click the corners of the fence where you would like the filter available. Draw this around the pub, including any outside space such as beer gardens or smoking areas. It must be at least 20000 square feet. You can make sure this you reach this using the measuring tools along the top. It also calculates the cost for how long you would like the filter available. The approximate cost is £5 per day for this area.

6. The final page before submission is where you will need to enter your business details & payment information. Once you have entered all these you can submit the filter. N.B. Read the terms & conditions before you submit.
7. Submit the design and shortly after your design will be approved (then go live if you have set the time for that).