Offers tabs and posts tools exist to show them off to your customers.  


Facebook has a few features which pubs can use to better advertise their promotions. These are designed to ensure the followers of the pages are more likely to receive the content related to the offers you put on, which will mean that they are more successful.

Post Buttons

Using the Buttons directly beneath the posting options on Facebook you can add an offer to a post. This will add a button which allows you to add a button to the bottom right of the post to activate the offer. The button would post would need to be shown in the bar to activate. The below is a way in which a pub can use it. It should be noted that the only way run a promotion using is to have it shown at the bar or to the server to activate, making it hard to manage.

Offers Tab

The offers tab is found on the right of the page under the ‘photos’ & ‘about’ tabs. This works in a similar way to an event, but for promotions and offers. A description of the offer needs to be added. Along with a photo and the expiry date of the offer. A promo code can be added which can be a condition of activating the offer. The Terms & Conditions can be added as necessary. Once posted a number of the followers of the page will be notified. The number notified is determined by the activity on the page which varies.