Ideas for how to promote the Irish Saints day on Social Media.



Here is a selection of things pubs can do to promote the day.

Follow your suppliers – Follow Guinness, Murphy’s, Baileys and any other Irish alcohol brand. You can share their content in the run-up to the day which can save you


There are several different tools on Facebook which you can use to promote the day

Live – Go live to talk or demo you putting up decorations, talking about the day or anything else.

Event – Setup a Facebook event for the day and encourage people to come on the day.

Questions – Post using questions to get engagement. Who chased out the snakes out of Ireland? How many bubbles are in a pint of Guinness? Which city in America dyes their waterways green for St. Patricks day?

Countdown - If it’s a big enough day for you, do a countdown to the day adding facts about the day each time.


Images, videos & stories can complement what you do for the 17th of March very well. 

Stories - Post the story of what you are doing every day in the run-up to the 17th. Each day a different thing you are doing using the seasonal tools. N.B Instagram may add Specific tags and stickers for the day.

Hashtags - #Stpatricksday has over 3 Million (Figure taken late Feb 2018) posts associated with it. Us it as one of your 6-12 hashtags.

Picture of products – Take a picture of a perfect serve Guinness or the food your service on the day, then use the best filers to make it look appealing.


The listening platform can work really well. 

Hashtags – Similarly to Instagram, this is important for getting that reach.

Retweet – The Irish brand's posts can be used to promote your pub. Make their social media works work for you.

Gifs – Use these with your posts to make your posts more fun and engaging.