The Champions League is a massive event for pubs, and posting about it online can be very effective.


The Champions League is one of the world's most prominent competitions. Many pubs get a big boost from the games. Posting about in the right way on each platform can give you a boost for each of the games and bring customers to your pubs instead of your customers.

On your website, make sure that you have the games you are showing listed. Many pubs will say that they show sport but will not specify the games they are showing. Some pubs will not show those games, so making it clear that you do is important.
On Facebook it is important to post that you will have the game, however, posting using phrases such as 'Don't forget we have....' Or 'We have this game tonight' will not help you get higher reach. It is better to ask questions or pose problems. E.g. Who do you think has been the best player in the Champions League that year?' or 'We think Ronaldo is overrated, What do you think?' This demonstrates that you are showing the game (that information should be found on your website), but also encourages engagement, which will get higher reach and then more customers. Also use polls and other types of post.

On Twitter, make sure you are using the right hashtags. The examples with the highest reach will be those tied into the games E.g. for Liverpool v Man. City the hashtag was LIVMCI. But also general hashtags such as #Championsleague & player names when they score e.g. #Messi or #Salah. But also use questions and polls on Twitter to get the most out of it.

Instagram is still growing and the platform can be used to promote those big games in the Champions League. Post pictures of the players who are a big part of the upcoming games. Tag them and their clubs in the post you add to the platform. Add those pictures to your Stories on the day and the days before. Remember to ask the questions such those suggested above in the captions. Use the right Hashtags such as: #Championsleague #uefachampionsleague #livefootball #football #championsleaguesemifinal #semifinal #salah #ronaldo

Live will be incredibly useful for demonstrating that you have the Champions League. You can use this in advance to talk with your staff or customers. The chats you have about football behind the bar, why not have that on live the days before. Do something that works for your pub. Live gets 8 x more engagement so you will reach many more types of people.

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