Here is a selection of ideas to help you generate for digital marketing to generate those January bounceback sales. 


  • Make sure you know what your pubs are aware of what the January Hashtags are going to be. Here are a selection of the best: #dryanuary #healthyfood #dryjanuary #healthylifestyle #healthyfoodporn #january


  • Consider changing your email signatures in December to an offer you have running in January. Anybody you email can then use that offer e.g. Show this email to get 25% off your food bill.
  • Ensure you have your Twitter/Facebook cover/header image ready. Many pubs don’t change their image to something until mid-January. Ensure you have this ready to go from January 1st or even sooner.

  • Prepare a budget for any paid advertising you may wish to run. As sales will inevitably decrease, ensure your sites are still spending some money on boosting & other paid advertising.
  • Ensure you have all the assets you need to for your January products such as low alcohol beers & digital images of your mocktails.


  • If you are aiming end January with a bang, ensure sites are setting up a Facebook event for your end of month payday party. Set this up in December to get the maximum impact.
  • Plan out content you want to add through January which will get reach. Many pubs bombard with the same repetitive messages.  If you have times in December when you don’t need to post as you are busy already, allocate that time to those January Sales messages.
  • To ensure you get some reach, consider running a competition (see our Social Media competitions article) in January, make sure you have this ready to go for the start of January.
  • Many pubs change over menus in January from a festive to a healthy options menu. Ensure this on your website in December.