Here are a selection of ideas and things to try in January to make sure you are promoting your New Year pub activity online.



January is usually a quieter period for pubs as people drink less and have a health kick after the festivities of Xmas & NYE. Pubs should try to take advantage of this as much as possible. Also, look to try & update everything as soon as possible to remove all Xmas related material.

Checklist of things to immediately change on the 2nd of January:

  • Remove Xmas menus, drinks, events & any other information from the pub website.
  • Change the Facebook cover images to January related image.
  • Change Twitter Header images to January related Image.
  • Change any opening hours to the regular January hours on all platforms.



January is usually a time when people will try to eat more healthy food as they try to counter the partying over Xmas. If you have a special food menu get it added to your website in between Xmas 7 New Year. If you are just having a standard menu, put salads and light bit option to the start of the menu.

Many pubs will state that they have soft drinks & non-alcoholic options. But they do not list them on the website. Ensure you list all of these on your website. If you have a selection on there, it may make the difference between customers visiting or not.

List January events on your websites from mid-January onwards. People may look at January to plan out when they go out to more than other times as they will pick which days they might drink. Listing this information will allow them to plan this out better.


It is a good idea to begin posting from 27th December onwards about your 2020 food & drinks. Many pubs wait till January itself. But if you plant ideas in customers heads early then you have those ideas in there head earlier than any competitors.

Dryanuary is something many publicans dislike. You should try to embrace this as much as possible. Post about alcohol-free drinks, soft drinks & mocktails with the best possible images of any of them. Many people will be doing it so why not help them by reminding them with a countdown to February.

If you and/or any of your staff have made any New Year’s Resolutions, post them and they add posts with regular updates. You can have fun with this as you can post images of them being tempted by chocolate or similar. If they break them that will get an even bigger response & really boost your engagement.

Avoid posting this image in particular. It has been around on Social Media for years and is now considered cliché.


Similar to above, you should look to post images of vegan/veggie food, mocktails & healthy food on social media. Is possible to use this selection of hashtags, best to use 6-12:

#Healthy #Healthyfood #mocktail #mocktails #nonalchoholic #nobooze #dryanuary #healthkick #healthyjanuary #healthkickjanuary #veganuary #newyearsresolutions #2020

If you have any offers, try to avoid using POS images and try to post images. Text assets which look similar to POS will not get high reach. Post using the caption to pass on the information about the offer with a good image of food etc.

Try to post every day, 3-4 times a day to your Instagram story. This is more throw away than other forms of content so you can be more day specific. Run an offer for your especially quiet Monday and post it to your story. It will disappear after 24 hours so you know it will not be a huge problem.


Using the above hashtags, but only 3-4 with each post. Dryanuary trends throughout January and you will gain reach just by using it, even if posts for other things.

Use the poll tool on Twitter to ask people questions about things happening in January. These don’t have to ask them about the pub, but just get interaction. Have fun by asking about the weather, resolutions & other January things.