30th June 2015 is the sixth annual Social Media Day


Social Media, we all know, is a hugely powerful tool for helping you engage with customers when they’re not in your premises drinking beer, eating food and revelling in the fantastic atmosphere you offer.

But are you taking full advantage of the tools at your disposal?

In honour of the sixth annual Social Media Day, I thought I’d share three features in Facebook that you’re probably not taking advantage of:


Response Rate Information

Nothing is more frustrating to a potential customer than when a business they’re trying to communicate with doesn’t get back to them. Although we’re all familiar with the task of responding to comments on review sites, with varying degrees of success, social media is now the biggest platform for both new and old customers trying to engage with your business.

The newest feature in Facebook Pages provides you with statistical information on how successfully you’re responding to people engaging with you on this platform and displays in the This Week quick stats box visible to Page Administrators when you visit your page.

More importantly, the information is also used to tell people how well you respond to messages and comments, giving your visitors some idea of whether you care or not before they’ve even started typing.

A couple of things to note about Facebook’s Response Rate feature: not everybody has it yet, it still seems to be being rolled out; it’s only available to Pages that have allowed people to contact the page, so if you’ve got your communication settings locked down you won’t see this; there are some reports on the Internet that this feature is only available to pages with over a certain number of fans, although this is uncorroborated and so far it appears on varying pages I manage regardless of the number of fans.


Call To Action

The Call To Action button started rolling out towards the end of 2014 and most pubs should now see this feature on their Page. The button appears within the space of the cover image on your Page, alongside the Like and Message buttons.

This is a quick’n’easy option for customers to contact you through your preferred route but recently had the addition to encourage visitors to Book Now using the button.

This ‘button’ does nothing fancy – it simply redirects those who press on it to an appropriate page on your website for them to follow up with you – but it is a great tool for giving visitors a fast route to a specific page that you want them to land on.

To set the button up, visit your page and then click on the Call-To-Action button within the cover image space. Select the Action you would like the button to perform, set the web page that you would like the button to point to (add your mobile page if you have separate sites), and click through the iOS and Android app options ensuring they say Website rather than App (unless you have your own App…) and hit Save.

The button is now live on your Facebook page; as the Page Administrator, selecting the button in the future will give you the option to visit the link, view statistics of how many people have clicked on the button, or edit it.

See The Old Red Lion’s page for an example of the Call To Action button in action.


Pages To Watch

I’m always surprised by how many pubs I speak to that do not check their Page Insights. This is a free resource offered to you by Facebook that lets you see just how much your Facebook Page gets used.

Even if you do use it, did you know there is a feature within the Insights section that lets you see how other Pagers are performing?

Officially, Pages To Watch allows you to monitor the performance of pages ‘similar to your own’ but really, the narcissist in you will only want to monitor the page performance of those pubs near you…

To view this information, go to your Page and select Insights from the top menu. Scroll to the bottom of the Overview reports and you’ll find suggestions of pages to watch, or you can simply select the Add Pages button to choose your nearest rival.

The report won’t give you the comprehensive data that you get in your own Insights reports, but you will be able to see how many followers each page has, how many updates they posted this week, and what level of engagement they have with their followers.

Useful, if for no other reason than to gloat that your social media engagement is better than theirs…