Cor blimey, they weren't joking were they?

The new design for Pedigree and other Marston's beers certainly lives up to its billing as "radical" and "revolutionary."

When most of the press releases that come across our desks trumpeting a "bold new look" for some such brand or another, amount to nowt more than an imperceptible tweak to an apostrophe on a back label, you can forgive us for our scepticism when we first heard about the rumoured new look (reported exclusively by us in September).

When we saw exactly what was being proposed, however, we could do nothing but concur that it is indeed a gutsy, game move for the brand.




It's no secret that more traditional cask brands, such as Pedigree, have been suffering at the hands of trendy craft beers with their eye-catching packaging and funky vibes but none have tackled the issue as audaciously as Marston's.

And for that I believe it deserves huge success.

There is a place on our bars for traditional cask beers like Pedigree and its competitor set (including Greene King IPA itself the subject of a bold image overhaul last year). Not because of "tradition" or because I like maintaining the status quo but because the "sessionability" of such brews is necessary for the success of the beer category.

A half pint of Hoptimal Hoptastic Hop Blaster and the like might be a good start to the evening but there needs to be something less challenging on offer if drinkers are to remain in beer and not move onto a glass of wine, soft drink - or just home.

So best of British to Marston's with this move, may it regenerate the brand and blaze a trail for others.