altI’ll let you into a secret, if I wasn’t the editor of Inapub I’d quite like to be James Bond.

The career leap from here to jumping out of airplanes and landing in a beautiful Russian spy’s boudoir is admittedly quite a large one, but 007 and I do now have something in common.

It turns out we both like a beer.

Heineken reportedly pumped around £23m to be associated with the film, including advertising and product placement.

It’s a huge price to pay to be linked with the most successful movie franchise of all time but it highlights that while talk around the pub trade can often be about money being tight, there is a fair few quid sloshing around where the big brands are concerned.

So is this kind of investment worthwhile for Heineken – who, let us not forget, where also the official beer of the Olympics.

They were critised for that – a Dutch behemoth representing London! – and the company has received a fair bit of stick for its link with Skyfall as well.

Surely Bond should be drinking Bollinger or vodka martinis and not a fairly ubiquitous lager?

In the film itself, Bond is seen swigging from one of those famous green bottles in a post-coital embrace during the secret agent equivalent to going travelling on a career sabbatical.

It is not a ringing endorsement for a product that likes to see itself as premium, but I suspect bosses are not concerned.

Millions of people across the globe will see Bond drinking Heineken and that association will have been made.

It is the same for the wide-range of other products – Coke Zero, BMW, Sony, to name a few – that feature and help fund the movie.

Hardcore Bond fans might not like the link but it has created a huge noise. Just check out how many newspaper articles have been written about it.

And this is not just about Britain’s greatest agent drinking lager.

It is about the world. A large chunk of Skyfall focuses on China. Now, that’s a market that Heineken will be very keen to smash into like Bond making a spectacular entrance at an ambassador’s dinner party.

Sales in Western Europe are more of a challenge whereas its sales in emerging markets such as Brazil, Nigeria and China are on the up.

Heineken will have invested that £23m in Skyfall with a view to making a killing in that part of the world.

Matt Eley is the editor of Inapub. Follow him on Twitter @mattheweley