altEver get the feeling you have let yourself in for more than you bargained for.

Last week I offered my services to pubs free of charge so I could get more hands on experience on the other side of the bar.

The idea is that this will surely benefit Inapub’s coverage of the trade, while the pubs get an extra pair of, hopefully not entirely useless, hands.

I suspected I might get the attention of a couple of sympathetic licensee friends who wouldn’t mind if I got behind the bar for an hour or so.

But no, it turns out there is plenty of work out there for an enthusiastic and, most importantly, free, pub trade journo.

I have received emails and tweets from across the country with subject lines such ‘Sucker wants to work in a pub?’ and ‘I was looking to take a break in January’.

So there’s no getting out of it now.

I will leave it until January because nobody, myself included, wants to have a hapless hack getting in the way while trade is so busy.

But come January I will be pouring pints, serving food, chopping veg and doing basically whatever it is that the pub wants.

And although part of me is looking forward to the prospect, I have to admit to being a little apprehensive about it all as well.

Just thinking about it makes me realise how much there is to know. ‘What if someone orders a drink that I don’t know how to make, what if I drop a plate, get the wrong change, mess up the till, fail to spot who is next to get served, and how should I deal with an obnoxious drunk?’

I’ve not even started yet but already the sheer volume and variety of work is playing on my mind. You have to be multi-skilled, hard-working and good-humoured. I’ll soon find out if I have got what it takes, though I suspect I already know the answer.

So thank you to everyone who has been in touch already. The offer remains open to anyone else who fancies getting involved and I will be in touch in the new year to pick up my shifts!

Matt Eley is the Inapub editor. Follow him on Twitter @mattheweley