altSo how was it for you?

Did the earth move? Could you hear constant sound of ching-ching? Were you surrounded by happy, smiling people having the time of their lives?

Or was there a huge build-up, followed by a disappointing anti-climax as you wondered where the hell everyone had got to?

I’m talking about Christmas of course.

It should be a banker for the trade. So if it went badly over the festive period, the signs are not good for the rest of the year.

The anecdotal evidence and reports from corporates suggests that Christmas actually went fairly well as the nation emerges from recession and remembers that going out is both fun and can be part of that all important work/life balance.

But you would expect companies to say they were doing well at Christmas. Ones saying it was as popular as an unwanted, oversized jumper, are few and far between because it is hardly the sort of thing they will want to shout about.

But for those who didn’t have the bubbliest Christmas imaginable, the next few months take on even greater significance.

A decent Christmas can help carry the load for the anticipated drop in trade in January and February. But if it didn’t go so well, you need to make amends.

Inapub’s All We Want campaign is designed with exactly that in mind. We have already given aw
ay a couple of iPads to a pub and a customer who made the most of the online element of the activity.

We encouraged customers to Ilike their locals using our website and mobile apps to create an online buzz around the pub. We now want to see that buzz translated into footfall and sales in January and February, when we know things have a tendency to fall off a cliff.

One of our aims as a new media business and magazine is to share great ideas so the pub industry can help itself attract customers. So let us know how you will be attempting to drive trade in those quieter months and we will cover your stories and share your top tips.

If Christmas is about people coming together to celebrate the important things in life – which they thankfully like to do a bit of in the pub – then the trade should do what it can to try and maintain that spirit throughout the year.

Doing so will not only mean a successful Christmas but a brilliant 2013.
So please get in touch (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will do what we can to support you and help spread the word.

Here’s to a prosperous new year.