'Not everyone wants to be told how many hops are in their beer or that it was brewed on an iceberg by a crack unit of specially trained penguins'

When I heard that Channel 5 was making a documentary about beer I was about as excited as the time my missus told me the colour she had chosen for the downstairs lav.

Not that I don't want to watch a programme about beer but because, well, it's Channel 5, home of Neighbours, Thursday night football and not much else as far as I am aware.

In fact I don't think I have consciously decided to watch Channel 5 since I was a student and we couldn't get Sky TV in the halls of residence. It went quite well with a beer back then.

So what of this new show. It's called Marston's Brewery: One Ale of a Job. Nice bit of PR for the brewer, not so sure about the pun.

But the tabloid language doesn't stop there. In the first five minutes alone (I was allowed a sneak preview in my capacity of being a very important person) we are treated to wonderful phrases such as 'beer battalion', 'cask commanders' and 'haulage heroes', the latter being in relation to a pair of drays 'cast' as a comedy turn.

And while this language might sound a little silly I have to say I rather liked it. Beer and pubs can be in danger of taking themselves a bit too seriously at times which is not the best way of connecting with a public who generally drink and go out to relax and have fun.

Not everyone wants to be told how many hops are in their beer or that it was brewed on an iceberg by a crack unit of specially trained penguins.

From the off it is clear that the documentary is going to take us on a journey that will make us have a chuckle along with the characters involved in what to the outsider looks like a fantastic industry.

So we have titillation and talk of heavy loads, strap-ons and good head. We are given drama in the form of bursting boilers and gas leaks. And we see experts pouring pints perfectly, at about the third or fourth attempt.

It serves to amuse but it also takes the punter to places they probably haven't been before: down in the cellar, on the truck with the draymen, in the brewery and on the factory floor.

There is an educational element to this but it is delivered with a wink and a smile so the viewer might not even realise that they are learning about brewing techniques and beer styles.

It won't be popular with everyone. There are bound to be shouts about it being aimed at the lowest common denominator and cries about it not being about a 'craft brewer'. Well, fine, maybe there is a place for that kind of show as well, but it is unlikely to be at 8pm on a Friday night.

Of course the only problem with that scheduling is that most people who love a pint will be down the pub when it's on.

• Marston's: One Ale of a Job starts on Friday August 29 at 8pm on Channel 5