altI wasn’t away for long but even after a three week break from employment enjoying the most un-April like weather conditions I have to admit I am glad to be back in work.
And not just back in any old journalism job but back working in the pub trade. I was in a pub a few days ago that reminded me of many of the simple things that I personally love about pubs.  
This particular venue was located just off a country road, enticing drivers to pull in and ramblers to have a rest with benches dotted around a beer garden to the front and hanging baskets bursting with various blooms adorning the outside walls.  
Well, we were due a break anyway, so we duly pulled over and ordered a soft drink for the missus and a fantastic pint of Harvey’s Hadlow bitter for myself.  
As we sat supping outside a solitary rambler sat himself at the table next to us and started chatting away. At first I was concerned that I was going to be given a tedious talking to about the benefits of walking or a one-sided conversation about unfamiliar local landmarks. My stereotyping was quickly revealed to be entirely unfair as said rambler instead talked easily about his family and a working life that had seen him traipse further afield in places such as the Middle East and southern Africa.
It wasn’t what I was expecting when we pulled up for our pit stop but it was certainly welcome. Half an hour later we went our separate ways without so much as having exchanged names but content to have enjoyed a beer and chat for half an hour.
And where else would you have that kind of simple, relaxing and engaging experience? This pub provided a perfect environment, a product that had clearly been cared for and free and easy conversation. For me that is a great pub experience.
Hopefully over the weeks and months on these pages we will be able to reveal many more great pub experiences and celebrate the best of the trade from those at the heart of the industry.
I also hope that these pages will become a forum for licensees to share ideas and inspire each other to even greater things when it comes to running successful businesses.  
So please keep logging on, provide us with feedback and if you would like to have your say in the form of a blog of your own please drop me a line at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Matt Eley is the Inapub Editor.