altThis sounds a bit pathetic but it is one of those things that bugs me when I go to a pub.
I was served a pint of beer (not Adnams) in an Adnams pint glass the other day.
I know, I know it isn’t exactly the crime of the century. It wasn’t as if it was in a Guinness glass, but still, it had a small impact on my enjoyment of the beer.
It gets me most when the beer is clearly supposed to be served in specialist glassware because it is part of the overall experience.
If, and it has been known to happen, I order a pint of Peroni and it comes in anything other than the vase I will have no qualms about asking the staff why my pint (verging on £4) has come in the wrong glass?  alt
Tomato ketchup comes in a ketchup bottle, peanuts come in the right packet and soup comes in a soup bowl. I expect the same service standards with, what is after all a pub’s bread and butter, no not bread and butter but you know what I mean.
If possible I want the beer that is supposed to be in a branded glass in a branded glass and if not I’d like to be told before the drink is poured. For customers to spend the best part of a fiver on a drink it needs to be of a high standard inside and outside the glass.
It is the little things like that which make people return to the pub rather than spending a few quid on a case of beers and drinking them straight from the can or pouring them into whatever glassware is knocking about at home.
Matt Eley is the Inapub Editor