altI have a confession to make. I spent a large part of last weekend dressed like Jarvis Cocker and sampling a range of drinks from the back bar that I would usually avoid.
You see I was at a stag do in Newquay and along with the miners, farmers, cricketers and the odd Scary Spice (there was a vague Yorkshire theme) managed to pump a good whack of cash into the local economy.
Now Newquay has something of a reputation for being a binge-drinking capital filled with masses of drunken youths (and those not so young) plastering the streets with booze, blood and vomit.
Well it wasn’t quite like that but after my first hand account I can see why the Cornish town, and to be fair dozens of similar UK destinations, get a reputation as places to avoid because of the nature of who they attract.
If you are dressed like a farmer and looking for a few beers or a group of girls dolled up in similarly silly attire to talk to it is a fun place to be with frankly far less trouble than the national media would have you believe.
However, if you were looking to go to a local pub or have a night out in your home town it is also easy to see how the marauding masses could put you off your pint of Tribute.
For example our group most definitely found itself in one pub that was more family friendly and didn’t really want to see a bunch of grown men downing shots of Sambuca.
The problem is of course the stag and hen parties of this world essentially bank roll these establishments through the quieter winter months. They might not always like them but boy do they keep the wolves from the door.
So why not form some kind of policy around this to let people know if they are welcome or not. It would be fairly easy for a pub, bar or club to promote itself as ‘stag friendly’. Or if it isn’t it would again be fairly straightforward to let people know before they enter the door.
Problems generally arise over money. There is far less chance of aggro if a pub informs a group before entering that the establishment isn’t really for them rather than taking the cash and a few moments later getting upset when a bunch of men in drag start acting a little silly. I mean really, what did you expect?
I guess it is all about ground rules and as we all know the first one of the stag party, is ‘you do not talk about the stag party’. So I had better just shut my mouth and carry on humming along to ‘Common People’ while remembering a very fun weekend.