altThe thing I love most about visiting pubs up and down the land is the moment when you find a place and think ‘I’d love to move it brick by brick and make this my local’.
Putting the ludicrous logistics of this to one side for one moment it could also of course also never work because the very best pubs are a part of their own habitat.
Such is the case with Ye Old Sun Inn in Colton Yorks.
I have known the licensees Ashley and Kelly for a while but until yesterday had failed miserably to make the venture up north.
And despite an expensive train journey packed with overheated kids heading for a field trip, intermittent Wi-Fi and a pricey taxi fare at the other end I have to say it was absolutely worth it.
The McCarthy’s were celebrating the unveiling of a new £350,000 refurb and extension. That hefty whack alone shows their commitment to their business but it was the investment of time and thought that most inspired me.
No stone has been left unturned to make Ye Old Sun an amazing boozer that ensures their customers keep on coming back for more. alt
For a start Ash is a chef of the highest order who has gained something of local celebrity status. Despite that the food, while stunning, remains affordable and good value.
Similarly there is no pretension about the place. You would be just as comfortable with a pint and a packet of peanuts at the bar as you would ordering a three course meal with a £25 bottle of wine.
And it doesn’t stop there, the staff know the products inside out, there are signs everywhere for a range of tempting nights out at the pub. Hell there are even framed comic strips on the wall so you don’t get bored when you are spending a penny.
Of course like all of the best landlords in the land the pair of them are now thinking what to do next so they can stay ahead of the competition.
The locals in Colton have a gem on their doorstep and clearly appreciate what they have. So for their sakes it is probably best to leave the sun exactly where it is.