altFor pretty much all of this week my internal jukebox has been blaring out the lyrics ‘so throw your curtains wide, one day like this a year will see me right. For life’
Now if you don’t recognise it, and my singing whether virtual or real is not a pleasant experience, I can tell you that it is probably Elbow’s most famous track ‘One Day Like This’.
And the reason I have been humming it to myself and re-playing the old album is because they have teamed up with Frederic Robinson to promote their latest offering with a beer.
So while ‘Build a Rocket Boys’ is being downloaded on MP3 players across the country a cask beer of the same name will also available in pubs.
It is a very clever link-up by a brewery who are not generally known for their rock n roll credentials.
Clever not because they are just aligning themselves with a star in the hope of getting a short term sales lift but because Elbow are genuine ale fans and also hail from Greater Manchester.
There is an authenticity about it that appeals to the senses.
On top of that, the deal will also see Robinsons extend its reach among the student population where more people may well move on from stereotypical thoughts of real ale, fat man, beards.
It’s also a smart move by Elbow. It shows them as a band of the people who support local industry and like a pint.
So it sounds like a good ploy for all concerned, and this is before even listening to the new album or buying the beer.
Sadly it has also revealed to me just how susceptible I am to marketing as the first thing I am going to do after finishing this blog is download the new album. Come September I will look forward to sampling the liquid version of ‘Build a Rocket Boys’ too.

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