Christmas increases people's willingness to spend and makes non-spirit drinkers drink spirits, according to Pernod Ricard.

Research by the premium drinks specialist on Christmas trends found that people on average tend to spend £50 on an evening out during the festive season, rather than the average £40 throughout the rest of the year.

It also unveiled that 48 per cent of consumers who wouldn't normally drink spirits enjoyed them during the festive period.

Additionally, 52m additional spirit serves were sold last Christmas compared to the average month, and one in three serves over the period were sprits.

On-trade channel director for Pernod Ricard Ian Peart said: "These figures support the trend for the enduring popularity of the festive 'Big Night Out', with consumers willing to trade up and spend more when they are out.

"As a nation, three quarters of us made at least one visit to a bar, pub, club or restaurant last Christmas, resulting in a total of 150m visits to an on-trade establishment, so with consumers showing a huge desire to trade up to premium drinks during this key period, there is a big opportunity for those on-trade retailers who are able to capitalise on this growing trend."