American food has been sneaking its way onto British menus for a long time and now many of our most pub popular dishes are US-inspired, including burgers, rib-eye steaks, hot dogs and pork ribs.

One pub which has embraced American influences in a bid to turn a quiet Monday night into a busier one is The Gun Inn in Findon, West Sussex, which decided to put on an American-themed Burger Night every Monday.

Licensee Sally Harris explains: "We do hot dogs, burgers and sides and we put up bunting, red and white tablecloths and we've got jam jars with lights in and American music. We try to transform it into an American diner for that one night."

Although the night was first put on around six months ago, Sally explains it's been a "slow grower". Every week the specials change, with anything from "the French Kiss" to "Blues Brothers".

"The classic hot dog seems to be a favourite but anything with barbecue sauce is always popular," she says. "It's more successful now than it was and we aim it at families, starting from 5pm so people can pick up their kids after school and come to the pub. But Monday nights are tricky for this industry anyway, so we have to find alternative ways to get people in."

"With hot dogs and coleslaw arriving in red plastic baskets for only £5.95, the pub has seen a lot of new customers who wouldn't necessarily come in for the a la carte menu. It's a treat without costing a fortune, and the whole burger thing is so popular now, especially in London. It's taken a while to drip down to the suburbs, but everyone's doing gourmet burgers at the moment, I think because everything sort of emulates London."

Before the American night was put on, the pub didn't serve food on a Monday because it was so hard to attract diners. "But we thought the Burger Night would be something fun, something a bit different, and we didn't have anything to lose, really," adds Sally.

The Clay Pigeon in Chelmsford, Essex is an American bistro pub that specialises in authentic American food. The menu filled with US treats including ribs, steaks, mac 'n' cheese and burgers, which are all very popular, according to manager Mike Shah.

He explains: "We actually used to do traditional British pub food but it wasn't really working for us, so as soon as one of our chefs came in and said we could build an American menu, we went for it.

"The minute we started our new menu, we were getting more people in, because there's not a lot like it in the area, and if there is, there's nowhere that does as good flavour as we do."

The Clay Pigeon has gone all-American in the way that they keep the portion sizes big, which Mike explains people enjoy.

"We get people travelling from outside of Chelmsford to come here and eat, and we've got Americans coming in saying 'this is the best burger I've ever had'.

Because we do something different from the other pubs around us, people want to try us out."

7 steps to an American menu

Pulled pork
This deliciously tender meat which falls apart at the poke of a fork is so versatile it can be eaten on its own, made into a burger, burrito, enchiladas, or used as a sandwich filler or pizza topping. What's not to love? Big Al has created a range of pulled pork portions which can be used as sandwich fillers and come in packs of 30 x 80g or smaller packs of 50 x 50g.

A perfect starter or bar snack. Speciality Breads has brought out glazed mini brioche sliders made with free-range eggs. They come in boxes of 60 x 20g.

Beer-battered onion rings
Sounds American enough, doesn't it? Aviko has launched onion rings infused with Amstel beer which will cook from frozen in only a couple of minutes.

Do you want me to super-size that for you? OK, maybe we can't supersize Aviko's fries but the two new versions of its Supercrunch fries come in skin-off and skin-on in either 15mm or 9.5mm size.

Americanise your ice cream offer with a sundae from Almondy — they've got everything from Toblerone and Daim to peanut and caramel and kids varieties.

Sweet potato crisps
OK, so the snack known to our US friends as the "potato chip" isn't exactly a stranger to UK pub cuisine. But the new sweet potato crisps from Scott Farms have actually been grown in North Carolina. It's the largest importer of sweet potatoes into the UK and has now launched its Three Colour pack made from orange, purple and white flesh sweet potatoes.

BBQ sauce
Santa Maria has brought out a Bourbon BBQ sauce which is a sweet, smoky sauce with a hint of bourbon and can be used for burgers, hot dogs or barbecue dishes.