There's been a serious uplift in chicken sales, which has led poultry producer Moy Park Foodservice to compile statistics on poultry consumption so we can understand why.

1. More than nine out of 10 people eat chicken
According to the British Poultry Council, a whopping 95 per cent of the population now eat chicken.

2. People now eat chicken twice a week
This, over the course of a year, is equivalent of 6.3 billion occasions where chicken is eaten, either in or out of home.

3. We buy more chicken than any other meat
In fact, we buy more chicken than beef, lamb and pork combined.

4. Chicken is cheaper than many red meats
Senior customer marketing manager at Moy Park's European foodservice, Frannie Santos-Mawdsley explains that in addition to being versatile and healthy, chicken is "extremely profitable".

5. The high street is following the retail boom
In addition to the retail market seeing an increased chicken demand, the high street has seen a boom with restaurants and fast-food outlets focusing on chicken expanding and burger chains adding chicken to the menu.

6. It's popular with pretty much everyone
Chicken has a mass-market appeal, attracting the young, old, male and female.

7. Chicken appeals to the health-conscious
Due to being rich in protein and lower in fat and calories than many red meats, chicken also appeals to the health-conscious.