More than half of Brits prefer to spend their money on eating out locally due to a desire to support its community, according to a new report by

Despite 49 per cent classing independent restaurants as their favourite places to eat, a further 34 per cent favoured local pubs and cafes.

Brits are also spending £1.1bn a month dining out at independent restaurants, with an average spend of £44 each month at their favourite regional restaurants.

The research of 2,000 adults, carried out by OnePoll, aimed to mark the beginning of a partnership between and dining club Hi-Life which helps find hidden gems on the UK dining scene and supports local independents and communities.

James Tolland, director at Hi-Life, said: "There is increasing attention paid to where our food is sourced and with so much fantastic local produce on offer at our doorsteps, it is really positive to see British people getting behind their local communities by supporting local independent restaurants."