In the first in a new series we put the questions that count to licensees across the country.

Christine Mason
The Bull Inn, Sonning, Berkshire
Christine Mason has run the Fuller's-owned Bull Inn, in Sonning, Berkshire, for 20 years. The idyllic country pub has attracted drinkers and diners for 630 years and now counts Hollywood superstar George Clooney as one if its regulars.

Plate or slate?
There's room for both. We serve most of our food on plates, but we do a steak on a slate. Fuller's are moving away from the slates but we do both. There's room for a bit of variety.

Cocktails or cask ale?

It's got to be cask ale, because we are a Fuller's pub and we have that connection with the brewery. That doesn't mean we don't do cocktails. We do winter and summer ones and they are very popular with the ladies

Packet of scratchings or Michelin stars?
We are somewhere in between. We don't sell scratchings but we do sell snacks like nuts. Our food is great pub food but is not Michelin star.

Live sport or big screen bans?

We generally don't have live sport but we do bring the big screen out for big events, such as the Rugby World Cup. For things like that you have to look after your locals.

Family friendly or keep the kids at home?
We don't have a children's area or anything but we do have smaller options on the menu. We don't do chips, so they can't have fish fingers and chips. These days kids can be very fussy and not try things and the parents can give in too easily. We like to offer smaller versions of what the grown-ups have.

Background music or silence is golden?
No background music. We made a conscious decision a few years ago because we get a lot of people coming here for business meetings in the day. They need to be able to chat, so we have kept it off ever since. It is one of the best things weĆ­ve done.

Wellies or heels?
Once again, we are a bit of both. We get a lot of people walking dogs along the river coming in the daytime and then at night the ladies do like to dress up when they come here.

George Clooney or Brad Pitt?

George every day. I always used to like them both but George has got more distinguished and better-looking as he has got older. I can say that even more so now he is a customer and I know what a charming character he is too.