Self-indulgent? Yes, but humour us, we're celebrating our 50th issue.

1. The Apprentice

Inapub magazine lands on pub doormats for the first time in August 2011. Sir Alan Sugar's loyal sidekick Nick Hewer gives us an exclusive interview as well as one of those withering looks when we ask a stupid question.

2. Magazine Launch of the Year (nearly)
Our bright and shiny mag is nominated for Launch of the Year by the British Society of Magazine Editors. We lose, but what do they know? Bloody journalists.

3. Toe-job
War correspondents eat your hearts out. Our man Ben Thrush put his life on the line by taking on some of the best toe-wrestlers in the country at The Bentley Brook Inn, in Ashbourne, Derbyshire

4. I would walk 500 miles, twice

If foot-fighting wasn't hardy enough Ben's next mission was a 1,000-mileround-trip to the most remote pub in mainland UK (The Old Forge in Knoydart), Scotland. Some of us were hoping it might be closed when he got there.

5. What a Trooper

In May 2013 Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson joins the pantheon of musical legends who have graced the front cover of Inapub (Feargal Sharkey, Tony Hadley, Elbow...that guy with the big eyebrows from Busted). The singer adds brewing to a CV that also includes fencing for England and flying jumbo jets.

6. Let's play f@#x=#* darts

King of Bling Bobby George gives us a cracking interview in November 2013 with language fruity enough to make a greengrocer blush. We had to edit out a few turns of phrase unfit for a family read such as Inapub.

7. From Foulmouth to Falmouth
Our trip to Cornwall to meet some of the most pioneering operators in the country results in our first licensee-led cover story.

8. Telling porkies

In a bid to to keep it highbrow, we meet Frances Bacon, the pig that lives at The Conquering Hero in London's Norwood, as part of our popular Pub Pets Corner series.

9. Telekenetic bartending
Always keen to promote the world of tech, our resident expert/geek (delete as appropriate) Mark Daniels pours a beer using just the power of thought. It was quite a struggle for him.

10. USA, USA!

Last year, and with a big helping hand from Marston's and Shipyard, we covered the market on the other side of the pond with on-the-spot reporting from Boston and Portland, Maine. Anyone want to hear about the beer market in Mauritius in 2016?