He's been the man in charge at The Firbank in Manchester's Newall Green for 21 years. In that time he has buit up a loyal following, mastered social media and won awards aplenty. But is Simon Delaney a plate man or a slate man?



Plate or slate?

Definitely plates. We don't have slates though we actually do use some crates. Everything has gone very strange over the last couple of years with some of the things that food is served on. If you'd have seen it 10 years ago you wouldn't believe it. But it will come and go, whereas plates are here to stay.

Background music or silence is golden?

Definitely background music, silence can be deafening. You don't want to be that quiet pub where everyone turns around and stares when somebody they don't know walks in. The music helps with the atmosphere.

Dyson Airblade or hand towels?

The Airblade. You don't want to have toilets or bins overflowing with used paper towels.

Table service or order at the bar?

A bit of both. If we can do it then we like to provide table service and give the customers that little bit of extra hospitality.

Apple Pay or cash?

Apple Pay, cash, debit cards, sterling, euros, dollars. If it's money we'll take it!

Bar tabs or no credit here?

We do run nightly tabs and we'll do weekly ones for regular customers.

Wear what you want or staff uniforms?

Definitely uniforms. I want people to come in and know who my team is with their smart shirts and name tags. I don't want someone in a check shirt looking like they've been dragged through a hedge.

Family-friendly or keep the kids home?

We love being a place for all of the family with the kids sitting down with mum and dad and the grandparents. That said, we had a bit of bother the other day when there were kids running across the tables. I went to have a word and they said "but you're supposed to be family friendly!" We are, but they still have to behave.

Dogs allowed or the only animals are on the menu?

No, I don't want dogs running around when there's food. Dog hairs and food do not mix well. No thanks.

Book in advance or find a seat where you can?

If you want to book in advance you can but equally we will look after you and find you somewhere to sit of you walk in. We want to keep all of our customers happy.