Lee Price is a former BII Licensee of the Year and the man in charge at the Royal Pier in Aberystwyth. The multi-faceted venue boasts a range of businesses including pub The Inn on the Pier, a brasserie, amusement arcade, ice-cream parlour and a snooker and pool hall.

Plate or slate?

Plate. There's nothing worse than a hostile stare from your better half as you mop the peppercorn sauce that fell off an open-sided stone from a crisp white table cloth with a chunky chip.

Background music or silence is golden?

Background music. Loud enough to block out the dirty laundry, but pitched at a level that doesn't smother your own conversation.

Brass or chrome fittings?

Nothing reflects light, radiates warmth and oozes quality quite like brass. Especially on a coffin. If mine doesn't have solid brass handles, someone's getting haunted.

Table service or order at the bar?

Today's customer likes to be self-sufficient, and hates to wait. A flexible service model that possesses the ability to decrease wasted time, and create a more enjoyable guest experience, is a must.

Big night out or a meal with friends?

If you're keeping the right company, one should lead to the other.

Dress up or dress down?

So long as the celebration allows it, dress down. A shorter spell in front of the mirror means more time with your squad.

Mustard cords or skinny jeans?

Skinny jeans. Tight on the ankle, snug on the thighs, easy on the eyes.

Packet of scratchings or Michelin Stars?

Snaffling Pig's black pepper scratchings. By the pallet.

Live sport or big screen bans?

Live sport. There is no better place to witness the highs and lows of your team's journey than immersed with fellow countrymen in the unmatched atmosphere of an energy-packed pub.

Wear what you like or uniforms for the staff?

A uniform promotes equality and solidarity amongst the team, and guarantees that staff are easily recognisable to the customers so they know who to approach for service or support.

Family-friendly or keep the kids at home?

Family friendly. The pub is a memory-making machine and should be a place for young, old, and everyone in between.

Dogs allowed or the only animals are on the menu?

Provided they are reasonably clean and kept on a lead, tail-waggers are always welcome for a chicken-flavoured Snuffle and free doggy biscuits with their thirsty walkers.