Mitch Adams ran family freehouse the Thatchers Arms in Suffolk before becoming the licensee at renowned brewpub The Bull in Highgate, North London. He is also a beer blogger and something of a whizz when it comes to matching beer and cider with food.

Plate or Slate?

I suppose it depends if you are serving food or styling rooms, if it's food then probably a plate. I'm not necessarily against things being served on anything other than a plate but if it has a sauce using something without a rim is just appalling.


Cask ale or cocktails?

I would say cask ale but that said I went to the Brooklyn Brewery recently and tried its Improved Old Fashioned which is a beer that tastes like the cocktail and it was incredible. The London Brewing Company (which operates from The Bull and sister pub The Bohemia) has created a Negroni beer in collaboration with Almasty Brewery. We tend not to do cocktails at the Bull but we do some nice long drinks.


Background music or silence is golden?

Background music at the same level as the conversation. I'm in a pub now – not the Bull – and there's no music. It has all the atmosphere of an airport waiting lounge.


Dyson Airblade or hand towels?

As a customer I actually prefer hand towels but we have a drier at The Bull which is more economical and environmentally friendly. I found out recently you can now get a rusted cover to go over your Airblade to make it more hipster. We haven't gone down that route.


Table service or order at the bar?

Ordering at the bar is chaos, people forget where they are sitting and they often move so you can't find them. At least if you take the order at the table there's a good chance they'll stay there. Definitely table service, it's much more civilised.


Staff uniforms or where what you like?

I'm not a fan of uniforms. I think someone's personality should be allowed to shine through.


Dogs allowed or the only animals are on the menu?

They have to be allowed. It's not a good pub unless there's a pub dog.



• The Bull recently raised £1,000 for Futures for Dogs after pub dog Dylan (above) passed away.


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