From how to crack the millennial market to the history of gin – the Inapub Next Generation event in Manchester was a hot bed of tips and information.

1. Millennials want to talk about what they are drinking

According to presenter and drinks expert Joel Harrison, younger drinkers want to have a discussion about the products they’re drinking – so create one!

He suggested stocking local craft drinks and getting the producers into the pub for a ‘meet and taste’ event.



2. How to charge more for your gin offering

The key to upgrading your gin offer is so simple, and it means you can charge more for what is essentially the same drink. Diageo Bar Academy said when serving gin, pile it high with ice, use a highball or goblet glass, and serve it with a bit of fruit. Customers will be willing to pay more.

Got a bit more time? Try this simple gin cocktail.



3. The perfect serve is pretty important

Helen Wilde, Pint Perfection trainer at Heineken said: “72 per cent of consumers will leave an outlet if the quality of service is not as expected.”

And it turns out the way you pour that pint makes a big difference.




4. Don’t be afraid to ask those awkward questions when employing someone

William Lees-Jones, managing director JW Lees said: “The number one thing you need to ask yourself when someone is applying for a job is why are they leaving their current one?"


5. Your managers need to understand the kitchen

We tweeted about retaining kitchen staff and our phones wouldn't stop buzzing – it’s clearly a common problem. Employing and retaining the right chef can be tricky. One suggestion to help retain the right chef once you’ve got them was to get your managers trained in the kitchen too so they can help out and understand the pressures.

Or one follower had this suggestion... 




6. How to be sneaky with your social media


Ed Davies, Inapub social media guru urged publicans to make the most of Facebook ads. He said: “Facebook advertising is brilliant for sales because it’s targeted. With football, you can target the away fans in their home town the week before a game.”

Tell them about the 241 drinks offer you have on and watch them flock in. 


Inapub set up Next Generation to bring new licensees, managers and deputies together to help them shape their careers in the trade.Our next event will be in Liverpool In November. To register your interest email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.