Look back at some of the quirky, delicious or downright impressive things that we’ve loved in 2016 – it’s our annual awards.

The most outlandish burger name of the year: The Dirty Thoughts of Cheryl Cole

Our favoutite thing about the supersized burgers taking over Instagram is their bizarre and punny names.

Publove pubs in London is serving up the festive Sleep In Heavenly Pork burger, and we love the Roast Traumatic Stress burger (a whole roast dinner in a burger) from the Rockstone in Southampton.

But there could only be one winner. The Dirty Thoughts of Cheryl Cole burger from the Brandling Villa in Newcastle – a dish with two homemade beef patties, a Greggs sausage roll, baked beans & cheese.




Craze of the Year: Pokemon Go 

Cynics sniffed at the popularity of Pokemon Go this summer as otherwise perfectly sane grown-ups leapt and crept around the place trying to catch a Snorlax.

Pubs however, pubs were smart. Jumping on the band wagon brought in the extra £££ as savvy licensees invested in “lures” to attract players to their premises.

Yummy Pubs cashed in with a Pokemon takeover at one of their pubs, featuring “Poktails” and Poke ball donuts, while much to his chagrin Jack Carroll (owner of Hellhound brewery) found his local has been turned into a Pokestop.




Beard of the year: Warren McDonald

2016 was as much about hair of the face as it was about hair of the dog for us. There was Luke Daniels from the Bag of Nails pub in Bristol, who appeared on the cover of our April Issue and Andy Barrett owner of The Little Prince, which could be the smallest pub in Briton.

But our winner is Warren McDonald, landlord of the Donkey in Leicester and cover star of September’s issue. His beard and giant smile is so infamous his regulars have created several pieces of artwork of his face.




Hangover cure of the Year: Sparrow droppings in brandy

Speaking of hair of the dog - we’re not even sure this is an actual genuine thing but such is our commitment to quality journalism we decided to include it in our 10 of the Craziest Hanover Remedies feature in any case because we found the idea faintly amusing.

We did undertake some proper research though, to prove in the same article that the humble bacon bap was a genuine cure for the morning after the night before.

You’re welcome.




The most bonkers charity act of the year: The Barefoot Publican

Pub quizzes, charity beers and cycle rides – you cant deny you guys are always doing your bit to help those who need it.

This year we found a pub which has a completely free menu so those who need it can enjoy a meal without feeling out of place, plus we saw the largest pub quiz in the UK take place.

But our favourite was the locals and landlord at at the Coach & Horses in Draycott, Derbyshire, who have stripped off for a charity calendar. Landlord Mark Gilliver, also known as ‘Mr June’, said the pub is aiming to raise around £1,000 for the charity.



Football fans of the year: the Welsh 

No fighting during the tournament, no recriminations afterwards, just pure pride for a side that really did their nation proud.

Plus, they drank an absolutely staggering amount of beer – in France the Taffia put away more than 225,000 pints from one Charles Wells pub in Bordeaux alone, and back home beer sales were up 41 per cent at Welsh pubs for some matches, compared to a typical Thursday in June according to EposNow.com figures.

Iechyd da indeed.




Dog of the year: Denzil at The Old Plough, Birstall, Leicester

We’ve seen cats, dogs and even horses at pubs this year. But Denzil the German shepherd was hard to forget. He’s a dog with more friends on Facebook than licensees Mat and Avril Howells (he has his own page). Plus Denzil helped the duo create a beer just for dogs and his special trick is catching bubbles in his mouth.





Garden initiative of the year: The Leather bottle, Earlsfield

We’ve told you before; a puppy isn’t just for Christmas and a pub garden is not just for summer.

You guys have done some epic things with your outdoor space. The Old Abbey Taphouse has a Mushroom lab in the garden, the Duke of Edinburgh in Brixton opened a nine-hole tiki-themed outdoor crazy golf and The Chaplin's & The Cellar Bar in Bournemouth won Britain’s Best Beer garden, as voted for by the public.

But we love the Leather Bottle in Earlsfield, London, which opened a cocktail garden to grow garnishes. Watch this.



Word of the year: Millennial

We employed one (welcome to the Inapub Inn Bronya Smolen); asked one to share his insights on the subject at our Next Generation event in Manchester (thanks Joel Harrison) and tackled the thorny issue of how to get more of them into the pub via a range of pieces online and in the mag.

These include our complete guide to cracking the Millennial market (maybe); a look at why they are drinking so much wine, plus a whole host of new products designed to attract just this market, see Skinny WKD and the new-look Carlsberg Export.

And once you had taken all that on board, we told you to start worrying about Generation Z too, so that was nice of us.




Birthday of the Year: Our very own

No, not the Queen’s 90th (though jelly corgies made it a top contender), we hit 50 issues last January and we couldn’t let it go unmentioned.

We picked out our top Inapub moments and created a 50 Great Things About Pubs list, which highlighted such pub marvels as beer gardens, beer festivals, beer mats, cask beer, lager beer and pints of beer. Did we mention the beer?

Of course pub dogs, pub quizzes, pub grub, pub games and pub fires also got a mention. Check out the rest of the list here over a packet of Scampi fries, a proper pub snack (gaining it an entry at number 41).