Pubs with rooms could be in for a significant boost from overseas tourists if a report by TripAdvisor is anything to go by.

When exchange rates are taken into account, Japanese tourists will be the biggest beneficiaries with UK room rates decreasing year-on-year by 17 per cent.

Brazilians benefit to the tune of a 15 per cent reduction whilst Australians (13 per cent) and those in the Eurozone (eight per cent) can also secure cheaper rooms than in 2016.

However, Americans will expect to pay up to two per cent more for a room in the UK this year when the strength of the dollar is taken into consideration.

TripAdvisor's James Kay said: "For lots of foreign travellers planning a trip to the UK in 2017, the price they pay for their room will be significantly cheaper than it was last year. Whether the UK hotel sector can take advantage of this may depend on how well they target their marketing efforts to attract customers from those countries that are enjoying the biggest price decreases."

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