Cute, annoying or a health & safety nightmare? In light of National Pet Month, our Barstool expert lays down the fur on pets in pubs.

Why are there so many dogs in here? 
It’s National Pet Month. 
Come on! Get into the spirit of it, dogs in pubs are super cute anyway.
It’s a health and safety nightmare. 
According to the Food Standards Agency, pets are allowed in pubs as long as the licensee provides “adequate procedures to prevent domestic animals (pets) from getting into places where food is prepared, handled or stored.”
What about cats?
Yes, cats can come in and even horses. Why the long face? cat.jpg
Ha bloody ha. 
Pets in pubs are an essential part of the experience. What better than a gently purring cat curled up in front a roaring fire or a dog fresh from a walk sniffing around for some rogue snacks?
Who are you, Chris Packham? 
Most people agree with me. There’s even a Twitter account, @DogsInPubs and Inapub’s own Pets Corner as well, of course, to  celebrate the pawesomeness of it.
Purr-lease, let’s not go down the bad pun road.
What was I saying? Ah yes, people taking it too far, like whoever published that book on London’s best pub cats. 
And this level of enthusiasm doesn’t convince you? You can even get beer for dogs now. Maybe that is a little too far.
You think?
Snuffle Dog is a zero-alcohol brew with a genuine Belgian pedigree, that comes in both beef and chicken flavours. And, if that’s not enough, there’s even a company that makes doggy tea. 
And I thought a bowl of water and some free dog biscuits on the bar would be enough to draw in the pet lovers. We’re just a short step away from those Japanese cafes where people go to stroke cats. 
Sugoi ii kangae!
What does that mean? 
It’s Japanese for “great idea”!
Woof! Woof! 
National Pet Month runs through the whole of April and there’s a host of tools on the organiser’s website for pubs that want to get involved. Check out
Barking mad: Having a no pet rule. Being pro pets can mean big bucks for pubs, especially where accommodation is concerned.