Still think cash is king? Think again, because a new tech survey shows that your customers are turning to digital ways of paying in their droves.

According to CGA and Zonal's Go Technology report, 40 per cent of 25 to 34 year olds prefer to use their smartphone to order and pay for food and drink and have it delivered to the table rather than wait at the bar.

Overall, the number of customers using their smartphones to order and pay in the hospitality sector has more than doubled in the past three years.

The survey of more than 5,000 UK adults revealed that 67 per cent would spend more cash and buy more drinks if they could order from their mobile device.

On top of that, 80 per cent are happy to pay via their handhelds using recognisable brands such as PayPal, Barclaycard and ApplePay.

Customers are encouraged by offers, with 44 per cent saying rewards could persuade them to download one.



CGA director Jamie Campbell said the results show a momentum shift in consumer confidence with this kind of technology.

He added: "Outside of the core functionality, these apps need to engage and give a reason to download, consumers don't want or have space for apps they don't use on their phone."

The report is conducted quarterly to help operators keep on top of the fast-changing way in which customers engage in technology.

Clive Consterdine, sales and marketing director at Zonal – which provides management system solutions to the trade – said: "The hospitality sector is opening its eyes to the opportunity technology can bring to enhance the customer experience and drive sales.

"There is still room for improvement and it's those operators that embrace the change that will reap the rewards."

See the full report here