A crowdfunding page to thank frontline services who responded to the London Bridge terrorist attacks last weekend has been launched by the head of the ALMR.

The page aims to raise £2,000 to go behind the bar in one of the pubs near the London Bridge area where the attack happened and was set up by Kate Nicholls, ALMR chief executive.

The tab will pay for drinks for any emergency service workers in the area once they show their work identification. 

Kate explained: “Once again our police, security services, paramedics, doctors and nurses went above and beyond what we can reasonably expect of them in their response to the London attacks. They have worked tirelessly and have dealt with horrors none of us should face.

“We know that alcohol isn't the answer, but our pubs, bars and restaurants are part of our way of life - that's why the terrorists attacked them - and none of our services should have to pay for their own drinks when they come off shift.”

To donate to the bar tab, click here

Nearly £14,000 was also raised for bar tabs around Manchester last month, for emergency service workers who dealt with the attack that killed 22 people at an Arianna Grande concert at the Manchester Arena.

The page was set up by Ed Hall, a lifeboat crew volunteer, who put £100 behind the Turing Tap pub near the Manchester Royal Infirmary, and pledged to add any other donations to it. 

Ed said: “I am speechless. We have raised ten thousand pounds to buy a drink for the wonderful men and women who are working so hard to help those affected by the terrible events in Manchester.

“Nothing we've done today will fix the damage, or lessen the pain of those directly affected, but emergency service and hospital workers should know that if we were there now, we would buy them a drink. Of course we would. Who wouldn't? Thank you.”