A licensee couple are £1m richer after a lottery win - and it is all thanks to their pub's dirty carpets.

Nick and Zoe Hoare, who have been tenants at The White Horse in Quidhampton, Salisbury, for three years won the jackpot in the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker last month.

Nick explains: "We had hired a rug cleaner to do the carpets and when we took it back later that day I decided to pick up a couple of EuroMillions tickets. I put them in my wallet and thought no more of it.

"Had those carpets not needed a spring clean, we wouldn't have been in the shop, buying a ticket from a machine which dispensed the winning code - who knew cleaning could be so lucrative!"

Two days later Nick checked the numbers and discovered that they all matched. The shocked couple confirmed the win with Camelot, took the dog for a walk and opened the pub up later that day.



Zoe said: "Some people have asked why we didn't shut the pub but it, and our locals, mean so much to us. We wouldn't let people down like that. Plus, it's been quite good fun pulling pints and keeping it business as usual, secretly knowing this utterly bonkers dose of good luck has just landed in our laps!"

However the couple have decided to call time on the day job and will leave the pub in six-months' time to enjoy a life of luxury.

"The pub has been a blast," said Nick, "but working 100-hour weeks doesn't leave much time for catching up with friends and family, so when we finally say our farewells to Quidhampton, there'll be lots of very leisurely long lunches and pots of coffee enjoyed with those near and far."

Nick bought their winning Lucky Dip ticket at Waitrose in Salisbury.