Clement Ogbonnaya's very first pub launched with a bang last month, but the real question is, does he prefer plates or slates?

Clement has opened his first pub, the Prince of Peckham, near to where he grew up in Peckham, South London.

After working as an events planner in the nightclub industry for 10 years he wanted his own space with a community feel.

Now, following a long search for the right venue and financial backing, his “proper pub for South London, by South London," is making waves with the locals. 

Plate or slate?

I’m an old fashioned kind of guy and I like things on plates, it reminds me of my mum’s cooking.


Cocktails or cask ales?

Cocktails. We have a rum-based cocktail menu and I also love and an Old Fashioned. Though recently I’ve been drinking much more beer. 


Packet of scratchings or Michelin Stars?

Can I say biltong? Biltong all day. I ate tonnes of it in South Africa and it’s incredible. I’ve found a great supplier and we’re going to sell it as “beer sticks” in the pub, cos’ they taste so good with a beer.


Brass or chrome?

Brass, it’s a bit more aged and timeless. We spent a lot of time redecorating the top rooms of the pub and I wanted it to look like 33 Portland Place, an 18th century townhouse in London where the film the King’s Speech was shot. Very opulent, grand but stripped-back décor.


Wear what you like or uniforms for the staff?

Identity is so key. If I put someone in uniform then I make them into someone they’re not. This pub is all about community, regardless of who you are. I want personalities to shine through so wear what you like for sure.




Dogs allowed or the only animals are on the menu?

Dogs allowed, but definitely no dogs on the menu! Dogs are part of so many people’s families these days and they’re as much part of the community vibe as the people.


Family friendly or keep the kids at home?

Family friendly. I’m going to do a school-run offer between 3pm and 6pm. It’s nice to have somewhere to retreat with kids so parents don’t have to cook. Plus I’ve got a little one on the way myself, so family is big. Obviously no kids after a certain time on Friday and Saturday night though – they need to be in bed!


Karaoke or pub quiz?

I’ll will be hosting my own pub quiz at the Prince, it’s a nice way for me to connect with customers in the area.